The Best Lube for Women, According to Experts and Reviewers

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You've explored a bajillion guides to sex toys and shopped the best online boutiques (so much more discreet than heading into your neighborhood adult boutique). You've even boned up on all the definitions of the latest pleasure gizmos. But while you may have an opinion on the best rabbit vibrator or c-ring, have you taken the time to explore the side salad in this veritable sexual feast? Consider, if you will, the humble bottle of lube. Recent years have seen new formulations flood the market, full of active ingredients, unique textures and other surprises. We spoke with Maria Sophocles, OB/GYN and Medical Director of Women’s Healthcare of Princeton, New Jersey, about the ins and outs of lube, and how to choose the best lube for women.

What Are the Different Types of Lube?

“Lube is used to increase comfort of vaginal or anal sex,” explains Dr. Sophocles. “Blood vessels in the vagina make moisture when you get aroused, but lube can help make things even more ‘wet’!” There are water-based and silicone-based lubes, as well as products with special ingredients to encourage warming, stimulation and for those with CBD, relaxation.

“Find the lube that gives you the best sex,” Dr. Sophocles says. “Also, don’t forget that lubricant can also be used to treat dryness—they are great for everyday use as well as for sexual activity." She cautions that, along with more bells and whistles, scents and ingredients, there's more opportunity for an unpleasant irritation or allergic reaction. Here's our look at the top 20 lubricants to look for.

best lube for women dame aloe blue bottle

1. Dame Alu Aloe Lube

Best Overall Lube

We’d be happy to have this cute blue bottle on our bedside, and even more pleased to use it, since it is toy- and condom-safe. Plant-derived (with aloe vera juice, quinoa seed and oat kernel extracts), this non-irritating formula leaves your intimate area conditioned. “My boyfriend says it feels like my own moisture,” one user reports. “It doesn’t feel sticky, it leaves me moisturized.”

best lube for women ky ultragel bottle

Best Value Lube

“Unlike other lubricants, this is very smooth and it is not sticky,” says one user. Great for quick application, this pleasantly thin formula gets high marks for what it doesn’t have: Hormones, parabens, silicone, artificial colorants and fragrances.

best lube for women foria

Best CBD Lube

Used topically, CBD promotes blood flow, and health and wellness brand Foria is a category leader in spicing up products with it. Case in point: The brand's innovative arousal oil just requires a quick application to your clitoris, inner labia and inside your vagina to encourage more sensation, faster. “It provides a continuous feeling of relaxation leading to numerous orgasms. I don’t want to have sex ever again without it!" says one reviewer.

best lube for women maude shine bottle

Best Organic Lube

Made with moisturizing aloe, the Maude 100 percent natural lubricant is organic and ultra-hydrating. The gentle pH-balanced formula is free from glycerin and parabens and manufactured to the ideal osmolality for the body.

best lube for women flavor

5. Cg Blow Me Electric Mint

Best Flavored Lube

Mint-flavored cooling gel is meant for external application to set off shivers. And of course, mint is tasty and breath-freshening, too. “I loved the flavor of this! A little goes a long way so I know it will last a while,” says one user.

best lube for women cake1

Best Botanical Lube

This water- and aloe-based lubricant also has mushroom extract, quinoa, hemp and flax green tea and oat. This is great if you want a lube that sounds like it could do double duty as a healthy smoothie booster.

best lube for women black lelo bottle

Best Non-Sticky Lube

This pH-balanced moisturizer gets high marks for gliding on smoothly and not drying sticky like so many lubes. Glycerine-free, paraben-free and unscented, this is a water-based fan favorite: “This is a great lube,” one user enthuses. “I'm very sensitive too which is why I keep coming back to this one, literally it is sooooo neutral.”

best lube for women alu

8. Dame Alu Packet

Best Single-Use Lube

This little packet of water-based, plant-derived, organic lube from Dame gives you pH-balanced lubrication. (It's just so easy to toss a couple of these into your grooming case.) Free of everything you don't want (such as glycerin, hormones or other potential irritants), the formula is compatible with toys and most condoms.

best lube for women woo

Creamiest Lube

An organic coconut base with a slight vanilla flavor, this creamy lube does double duty as a good massage oil, too.

best lube for women rosebud

Best Warming Lube

This ambitious product aims to reteach the body to relearn self-lubrication, deploying traditional aphrodisiacs, maca, damiana and ashwagandha, to make a tingling topical that wakes up the external folds and creases of the vulva.

best lube for women mood

Best Lube Sampler

For the lube curious, this is a collection of five 1-ounce tubes, with flavored, stimulating and sensitizing formulas with colorful, clear labels.

best lube for women frenchie bundle

Best Safe Sex Kit

A box of 12 condoms and a bottle of water-based, aloe lube make a great gift (and a handy bedside necessity).

best lube for women aphrodisia

Best Oral Lube

The makers recommend using this warming, blood flow-enhancing oil not just on the genitals, but also ingesting one to three pumps orally. That means when you’re oral sexing, the combination of coconut oil, CBD, cardamom and cinnamon essentials oils will allow you to share the tingle. “I was scared about the ‘take one pump in the mouth’ instructions, but the product is cinnamon-y and me and my partner really enjoyed,” says one reviewer.

best lube for women good clean love white box and bottle
Good Clean Love

Best Fertility Lube

Paraben-, petrochemical- and glycerin-free, this specially formulated lube is engineered to encourage sperm motility and contains calcium and magnesium to potentially support fertility. “This product really works,” says one user. “I read so many reviews thinking that it wouldn’t assist me when TTC [trying to conceive]. I used this during my ovulation and here I am four weeks pregnant, and this is my first time using it.”

best lube for women tush

Best Anal Lube

"Plush is an understatement,” says one user. “It’s really thick which I don’t normally love, but it really makes the whole experience nice and soothing.” The cushy formula is a hybrid water-silicone, safe for sex toys and easy to clean up.

best lube for women jelly

Best Jelly Lube

A thick vanilla-and-lemon-flavor lubricant, this has 95 percent organic ingredients, and it’s safe for use with latex condoms.

best lube for women pulse

Best Travel Lube

There’s something for everyone you might hook up with on your travels in this two-lube, one massage oil set—all of which come in TSA-approved small sizes. Of the lube choice, one is water-based while the other is formulated with aloe-and-silicone, and both are condom- and toy-friendly.

best lube for women deodoc

Best Preservative-Free Lube

A team of women doctors formulated this silicone-based lubricant to counteract friction and enhance pleasure. Unlike water-based lubes, a silicone-based personal lubricant doesn't need artificial preservatives, so there are fewer ingredients to irritate delicate tissues. It's fragrance-free, too.

best lube for women gspot

Best G-Spot Lube

"This goes beyond a simple warming sensation and does seem to work on the specific area it claims to," one user reports. "I definitely recommend, even if you've never been wowed by similar products in the past." Sunflower seed and peppermint oils, fruit extracts and arginine (an amino acid that's popular as an oral treatment for erectile dysfunction) are found in this oil. For best results, this 1-ounce bottle comes with a detailed set of instructions on internal application and use.

best lube for women hands free

Best Lube and Dispenser Set

This rechargeable gizmo dispenses a dollop of warm lube with just a wave of your hand, thereby letting you keep your hands doing...whatever else they were doing, instead of fiddling with a slippery plastic bottle. The Pulse warming dispenser comes with four personal lubricant pods, and you can also swap in massage oil pods.