The 22 Best Places to (Discreetly) Buy Sex Toys Online in 2023

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Sex toys are the most exciting appliance you will ever shop for. Their sales popped off big time during the pandemic, and the demand for them is expected to grow at an eight percent rate for the next seven years. But why are so many adult toys getting snapped up lately? The multi-billion-dollar industry’s success is undoubtedly linked to the increasing popularity of online retailers, since it’s so much more discreet to “add to cart” than browse a brick-and-mortar shop that specializes in erotic merch. Whether you're looking for little bullets, a new vibrator, penis rings or quiet toys that are especially good for travel, here's where to buy sex toys online. (Bonus—if you need something stat, there are fast shipping options from retailers like Amazon, who deliver in as little as one to two business days.)

Meet the Expert

Nikki Balles, corporate director of PR and communications at Spencer's

What Are the Benefits to Shopping for a Sex Toy Online Versus in a Boutique?

“When a guest shops online, they can browse the entire selection of a store from their phone or laptop whenever they want, while taking the time to check out reviews,” Balles says. And for newbies wondering where to buy sex toys, shopping online affords them the opportunity to explore bestselling products and their potential uses in a leisurely manner (from the comforts of your home, so no one can see you blush). “At Spencer’s, we carry a large variety of sex toys, however a great go-to for your first purchase is Sexology,” she says, referring to a collection exclusive to the store. “The line offers a variety of vibes and fun patterns and colors that aren’t intimidating or overly complicated.”

How to Clean Sex Toys

According to Healthline, you should be cleaning your toys after each use. Their handy chart details how to clean and store toys based on their porosity. Whether they are porous or non-porous, all toys can be cleaned with soap and water or a cleaner and then air dried. The article additionally notes that for non-vibrating silicone toys, you can take it a step further and boil the items in water for three minutes to complete the sanitization process. However, note that you should spot clean things like leather harnesses and BDSM equipment.

With that, we’ve gathered the 22 most user-friendly places to buy sex toys online—and pulled out a few faves up top. Happy shopping!

The Top 5 Places to Buy Sex Toys Online at a Glance

The 30 Best Couples’ Sex Toys (Because We All Need *Something* to Look Forward To)


Best for One-Stop Shopping

1. Lovehoney


  • Standout Toys: Lovehoney Kegel Balls ($17; $9), Magic Wand Plus ($120)
  • Standout Review: “I love [Magic Wand Plus]! It does the trick for just the low setting. It's the best purchase I've made for myself.”
  • Packaging: plain brown box
  • Specs: Lovehoney Kegel Balls: firm flexibility, mid-weight, silicone retrieval cord; Magic Wand Plus: 4 intensities, up to 6,300 rpm

You'll appreciate this adult toy site for its wide selection and reasonable prices on everything from the usual suspects (vibrators, dildos, etc.) to more wide-ranging sexual health offerings. For example, there's a whole page of vaginal floor strengtheners that range from silicone kegel balls to a rechargeable vibrating egg that has three speeds and 17 (yup, 17) vibrational patterns. Traditionalists will appreciate the Magic Wand, still the bestselling vibrator sold, here with a luxury spruced-up makeover.

hand holding a bullet vibrator

Best Sales

2. PinkCherry


  • Standout Toys: Pinkcherry Pink Performer Bullet ($40; $20), Pinkcherry Mild to Wild Jeweled Anal Trainer Kit ($36; $18)
  • Standout Review: “[Mild to Wild] does the trick and doesn’t feel uncomfortable at all. Definitely spices things up while looking cute too!”
  • Packaging: plain brown box
  • Specs: Performer Bullet: 7 vibration settings, USB-rechargeable, multi-function; Anal Trainer Kit: comes with three sizes, hypoallergenic, traditional tapering

This online shop, which sells multiple top brands including We-Vibe and Satisfyer, understands that not everyone knows a lot about sex toys. They've made it easy to browse the Beginners section, and included lots of affordable toys, many around $10, in case you want to try, say, anal beads but don't want to invest in a pair that's so expensive you'll feel guilty if you don't use them often. Site-wide, there's a wide variety of choices, including 384 sexual lubricants and lotions to choose from.

buy sex toys online spencers bullet

Best for Newbies

3. Spencer's


  • Standout Toys: Pussy Power Bullet ($25), Bling Bang Waterproof Wand ($23)
  • Standout Review: “[The Pussy Power Bullet is the] only thing keeping my marriage alive!! 10/10 would recommend, definitely would vibe again.”
  • Packaging: discreet
  • Specs: Pussy Power Bullet: molded kitten design, hypoallergenic, rechargeable battery; Bling Bang Waterproof Wand: quiet, embellished, requires two AAA batteries

This shopping mall staple store has a thriving online business in gifts including sex toys. The easy-to-navigate site includes verticals for the expected categories such as vibrators and bondage gear, as well as more unusual fare like blue raspberry throat spray for oral sex and female arousal gummies. Spencer’s even offers various dance pole kits so you can choose the one that best fits your budget (and bedroom ceiling height). In the site’s well-priced offerings, you’re definitely going to find something that will get the job done, and newcomers to the world of sex toys can learn the basics or finer points of whatever sexual pursuit they're after, thanks to the site’s well-written blog.

amazon pure love

Fastest Delivery

4. Amazon

  • Standout Toys: Rose Vibrator ($29; $26), Pure Love Massage Wand ($30)
  • Standout Review: “[The Rose Vibrator] toy is unbelievable! Great gift for all your girlfriends too! Gets the job done for sure! Would highly recommend, it will be the best rose you ever got!”
  • Packaging: discreet
  • Specs: Rose Vibrator: flapping pad, 7 modes, rechargeable via USB; Pure Love Massage Wand: single button control, incremental speeds

Discretion is just one of the benefits of shopping for your sex toys at Amazon. Here, you can find an array of prices, toy types and get everything you order in just a couple days (or sooner for Prime members). You can skim through the different stores available on Amazon to see which one has the right saucy toys that are up your alley and even narrow down your choices based on the number of 5-star reviews. For starters, there's this Intimate Rose Pelvic Wand that has over 1,800 5-star ratings and is great for rectal and genital stimulation (not to be confused with the TikTok sensation Rose Vibrator, which is also fantastic). You might also want to consider the Pure Love Massage Wand, which has varying vibration speeds and a flexible neck for moving around easily.

buy sex toys online vush
Saks Fifth Avenue

Best Luxury Gift Edit

5. Saks Fifth Avenue

  • Standout Toys: Lelo Sona 2 ($149), Vush Pop Shine Vibrator ($65)
  • Specs: Lelo Sona 2: Cruise Control technology, 12 vibration settings, waterproof, rechargeable; Vush Pop Shine Vibrator: 10 vibration settings, magnetic USB charging

Scoop up some of the most-loved toys from brands like Dame, Lelo, Smile Makers, Maude and more right at Saks Fifth Avenue. We love this LELO Vibrator, especially if clitoral stimulation is your go-to pleasure. Make sure to add this personal lube to your cart, too, which is made specifically for silicone sex toys and condoms.

buy sex toys online anthro

Best Imports

6. Anthropologie

  • Standout Toys: Le Wand Baton Vibrator ($100), Coco de Mer Seed Vibrator ($195)
  • Standout Review: “[Le Wand Baton Vibrator] is compact and has a good range of patterns/intensities. Easy to charge. Shower-friendly but not waterproof.”
  • Specs: Le Wand Baton Vibrator: 6 speeds, 15 patterns, flexible tip, USB rechargeable; Coco de Mer Seed Vibrator: dual motors, 10 vibration settings

Sexual wellness can be found just a click away from flouncy dresses and eclectic décor at this online boutique, where brands like Dame and Smile Makers mingle with smaller brands such as Le Wand, started by a sex educator. We're fans of the sleek and minimalist aesthetic of many of their products, such as the Le Wand Baton Vibrator. Anthropologie also carries London-based Coco de Mer, which makes cute little devices such as the Seed Vibrator and more substantial options like their G-spot vibrator, the Pleasure No. 3, which also come in elegant leatherette zip cases. With recurring sales, one of these toys is a necessary add-on to your next Anthro haul.


Artsiest Designs

7. Lelo


  • Standout Toys: Lelo Enigma ($199; $149), Lelo Sila ($169; $127)
  • Standout Review: “Always makes smile. Love [the Lelo Enigma]. Leaves me breathless!”
  • Packaging: plain cardboard box
  • Specs: Lelo Enigma: 8 settings, flexible, soft silicone, sonic waves; Lelo Sila: 8 sonic wave intensities, whisper quiet

The star here is their innovative tech: For example, the Enigma is a dual-vibrating massager that's designed to stimulate visible and internal clitoral areas, as well as the G-spot, all easily manipulated using an ergonomic handle. And the Sila, a “sonic clitoral massager” that uses a humming vibration to create a wider area of stimulation than other clitoral stimulators, to make a slower, stronger build to climax. This site also gets high marks for its “how to use” drawings, while the sex-fantasy video montages are entertaining.

white vibrator leaning against marble object

Best Sexual Wellness Line

8. Maude


  • Standout Toys: Spot ($79), Vibe ($49)
  • Standout Review: “[Vibe is] seriously perfect. So soft, aesthetically pleasing, and the perfect vibe settings..and quiet!”
  • Packaging: discreet
  • Specs: Spot: 5 speeds, water-resistant, USB chargeable; Vibe: 3 speeds, flutter tip, platinum-grade silicone

Minimalists swear by this site’s core collection of vibrators and body care products. The elegant flutter-tip Vibe, like the palm-sized Drop, has three super-quiet speeds, is made of platinum-grade silicone and charges through a near-invisible slot in its side. The line's first internal vibrator, a G- and P-spot vibrator called Spot (because it "hits the spot"), has five speeds. Interestingly, Maude also makes pink-pepper scented bath salts and other bath and self-care items, centering sexual wellness firmly in the wellness arena. Good thing all of their toys are water-resistant.

buy sex toys online smile makers
Smile Makers

Best Vulva-Owner Specific Shop

9. Smile Makers

Smile Makers

  • Standout Toys: Tennis Pro ($60), Ballerina ($129)
  • Standout Review: “Loooove [the Tennis Pro], exceeded expectations. Easy to use, great quality, love the color, all the modes are just great and enough and for stimulation.”
  • Packaging: discreet
  • Specs: Tennis Pro: waterproof, angled head, flexible neck, 4 speeds, 2 pulsation modes; Ballerina: 6 speeds, 6 pulsation modes, quiet, rechargeable

This single-brand online store is like a mashup of Pinterest and a sex manual. Here, the graphics and text really enhance the understanding of and appreciation for each product. Take the Tennis Pro for example. It's an “ergonomic G-spot vibrator” with a tennis ball-shaped head that you use to massage your clitoris before insertion to stimulate your G-spot. You’ll learn this by watching a short animated video that’s remarkably non-cringey, as well as reading accompanying text about how “the G-spot is actually a zone on the vagina’s front wall where it comes in contact with the internal structure of the clitoris.” Also worth checking out: the Ballerina, a palm-shaped vulva stimulator that's basically an extension of your hand, if your hand was made of squishy silicone gel and never cramped, and the new Whisperer, a bullet vibrator that was designed for (but not limited to) new moms seeking to resume sexual activity after giving birth.

two hands holding a sex toy

Best Female-Founded Company

10. Dame Products


  • Standout Toys: Eva Couples Vibrator ($135), Arc G-Spot Vibrator ($115)
  • Standout Review: “So far, I'm loving this sleek, smooth, vibe. [The Arc G-Spot Vibrator] has great range and versatility for solo or partner fun.”
  • Packaging: discreet plain brown box
  • Specs: Eva Couples Vibrator: 3 intensity levels, USB charging, hands-free; Arc G-Spot Vibrator: 5 intensity levels, 5 pattern modes, magnetic USB rechargeable

This female-founded website has the aesthetic appeal and sexual promise of a weekend at a hipster hotel by the beach. Dame designs and makes attractive and inventive sex toys. Available in colors like quartz, lavender, jade and navy, you’ll be tempted to leave them on your bedside table rather than hide them away when you’re not using them. The hero product of the collection is the Eva, a small, hands-free vibrator that has retractable arms that tuck inside your outer labia and hold the vibrating part against the clitoris during penetrative sex. There's the Arc, a G-spot vibrator that one reviewer swears by, sharing: "I've always struggled to feel internal pleasure and tend to rush my solo orgasms by just shoving a vibe on my clit and calling at a day. [But} this toy has been helping me [form] a more mindful connection with my body and my pleasure and actually explore what feels good both internally and externally." And there’s no risk—the brand promises 60-day returns for store credit and discreet billing and shipping.

Sex toys and carry case

Best Sets Under $100

11. Unbound


  • Standout Toys: Best Sellers Gift Set ($138), Erotic Escape Set ($90)
  • Standout Review: “The Puff [from the Best Sellers Gift Set] has quickly replaced my satisfyer as my go to suction toy. Very quiet and gets the job done really well.”
  • Packaging: non-branded
  • Specs: Best Sellers Gift Set: Puff has 5 intensity settings, Bender has 10 speeds and patterns with magnetic USB charging and is waterproof and flexible; Erotic Escape Set: Pep is compact with 5 intensity settings and 3 patterns, Jelly is organic, Dipsea 30 Day Pass gives access to sexy audio stories

This shop makes brightly-hued toys that are waterproof, USB-rechargeable and great for gifting. We're stanning the Unbound Bender, a 7.5-inch flexible toy that has ten vibration speeds. It's included in the Best Sellers Gift Set, along with a Puff suction vibrator and a double-zip storage bag you can pop under your bed. Also on offer is the Erotic Escape Set, which has a three-inch tall Pep vibrator, a three-ounce jelly lube, a tote bag and a 30-day pass to an app called Dipsea that has short, sexy stories and intimate guided sessions.

buy sex toys online thruster

Best Customization

12. Velvet Thruster

  • Standout Toys: Velvet Prime ($250), Nanci ($250)
  • Standout Review: “Hooooly!!!! The depth and speed of the Velvet Thruster Prime is absolutely incredible! I love that I can easily switch up the speeds and angles while it's inside of me, and that the textured feel of the Jackie Prime (the head I chose) is literal perfection.”
  • Packaging: plain cardboard box
  • Specs: Velvet Prime: interchangeable tops, 6 speeds, flexes/bends while thrusting; Nanci: bends at 90 degrees, 6 speeds, 140 strokes/minute, rechargeable battery

This shop makes a toy named the Velvet Prime, a brightly-hued thrusting dildo that’s built exactly to your preferred specs. You choose among five different heads (or opt for a stroker attachment) in four colors, then choose the color for the rechargeable base, and throw in whatever accessories (a partner play handle, a long-reach handle, a suction cup wall mount) to complete your order. You can also opt for pre-made models like the mini-sized Teddy or the Nanci, which is G-Spot focused.

Buy sex toys online: Original Magic Wand plug-in vibrator

Best Educational Resource

13. Babeland

  • Standout Toys: Classic Magic Wand ($70), New Comer’s Strap-On Set ($71)
  • Standout Review: “I cannot recommend [the Classic Magic Wand] enough! If you're like me, looking for something powerful that won't break on you, this is the product you need. The lower setting is pretty nice, but the higher setting sent me straight to heaven!”
  • Packaging: discreet
  • Specs: Classic Magic Wand: 2 speeds, plug-in, strong vibration; New Comer’s Strap-On Set: velvet-textured harness, silicone dildo, built-in pocket for vibrator

Founded in 1993 in response to the lack of woman-friendly sex shops in Seattle, this online retailer now has multiple brick-and-mortar locations, as well as a thriving online hub that's got thoughtful and informative posts on topics including gentle sex toys, app-controlled toys and "Rimming 101." You'll be inspired to experiment in the bedroom by treating yourself and your partner to a couples' toy like a strap-on set; you can also grab yourself this Magic Wand that's sure to leave you extremely satisfied whenever you need some time alone.

buy sex toys online: cherry vibrator

Hippest Gift Options

14. Verishop

  • Standout Toys: Cherry Emojibator ($54; $44), Je Joue Mimi Soft Clitoral Vibrator ($99)
  • Packaging: sleek and discreet
  • Specs: Cherry Emojibator: USB-charge, waterproof, 9 vibration patterns; Je Joue Mimi Soft Clitoral Vibrator: 5 speeds, 7 patterns, velvety silicone, rechargeable, waterproof, magnetic charging cable

We appreciate how sexual wellness has moved into the mainstream. Case in point: The fact that you can now buy a cute red massager called the Cherry Emojibator, at the same time as a pair of statement earrings and wide-leg jeans. In addition to Emojibator (the company behind that Cherry vibrator), Verishop also carries organic lube from Goodparts and even a neroli- and jasmine-scented massage candle from Heliotrope San Francisco. And since this is a clothing/lifestyle retailer, your deliveries will come in sleek packaging that doesn't scream “sex toys inside!”

buy sex toys online adam and eve
Adam & Eve

Best Product Range

15. Adam & Eve

  • Standout Toys: All-American Dong ($33), Verge by We-Vibe Vibrating Ring ($119)
  • Standout Review: “[The All-American Dong has a] great suction base and sticks well to different types of surfaces but may come off if you’re having way too much fun with it. Very nice fit inside, especially with the curve and fun to use with or without your significant other.”
  • Packaging: discreet
  • Specs: All-American Dong: strong suction base, curved, harness compatible; Verge By We-Vibe Vibrating Ring: USB rechargeable, quiet motor, low-pitched vibrations, 10 vibration modes

We're fans of the encyclopedic nature of this online superstore, which has a handy glossary drop-down menu that explains how some of the less intuitive items are meant to be used, as well as the entertainingly named “vibrator wizard,” a quiz that helps pin down which device is right for you. From a basic dildo to a vibrating penis ring (that also acts as a handheld vibrator when no penises are around), Adam & Eve has what you’re looking for (and then some, for example the $1,800 Premium Cowgirl Sex Machine).

urban outfitters unboud
Urban Outfitters

Best Novelty Selection

16. Urban Outfitters

  • Standout Toys: Maia Monarch Bullet ($18), Désirables’ Dalia Signature ($140)
  • Standout Review: “WAP WAP WAP need I say moreeeeeeeeeeeeeee?”
  • Specs: Maia Monarch Bullet: 10 pulsating vibration speeds, waterproof, rechargeable, submersible; Désirables’ Dalia Signature: lightweight porcelain, hypoallergenic, non-porous, thermo-conductive

Nobody will suspect a thing when you get your Urban Outfitters package in the mail. Grab yourself a pair of jeans while you shop for some top-of-the-line vibrators, like this highly-rated Cake So-Low Stroker or novelty items including a vibrator that's printed to look like marble.

buy sex toys online womanizer

Best Nonbinary Edit

17. Lovers

  • Standout Toys: Womanizer Premium 2.0 ($209), Shameless Flirt ($239)
  • Standout Review: “This is the second time I've bought [the Womanizer Premium 2.0] toy, and it is WORTH EVERY PENNY. It is the absolute best, and I recommend it to everyone!”
  • Packaging: unmarked boxes
  • Specs: Womanizer Premium 2.o: 14 intensity levels, autopilot mode, waterproof; Shameless Flirt: 850 thrusts/minute, 4 thrusting patterns, waterproof, submersible, ergonomic grip

While many online erotic purveyors are stuck organizing their sites in binary “men” and “women” categories, Lovers cuts to the pansexual chase with verticals named “Sex Toys,” “Vibrators,” etc. Under “Pulsators,” you’ll find the Womanizer Premium 2.0, which is designed to stimulate every clitoral nerve ending. High-energy types will appreciate the Shameless Flirt, which is a type of vibrator called a thruster; this one pumps out up to 850 half-inch strokes per minute, suggesting it might be nicknamed the “Aimless Hurt" (unless, of course, bionic sex is what you are after—no kink shaming here!).

good vibrations
Good Vibrations

Best Industry Authority

18. Good Vibrations

  • Standout Toys: Womanizer Liberty by Lily Allen ($99), Companion Wearable Remote Vibrator ($150)
  • Standout Review: “I loved the vibrations it is amazing!!! Best of some many toys I’ve tried over many years.”
  • Packaging: discreet
  • Specs: Womanizer Liberty by Lily Allen: waterproof, magnetic charging, 6 intensity levels; Companion Wearable Remote Vibrator: remote-controlled, waterproof, quiet

If you know what kind of toy you have in mind, shopping at Good Vibrations will be easy peasy. Shopping for yourself? Try the Womanizer Liberty by Lily Allen. It has six intensity levels and comes with two different silicone tips. If you're shopping for yourself and your partner, we suggest the Companion Wearable Remote Vibrator. This toy is sure to add spice to your sex life whether you're discretely wearing it to dinner or during foreplay. The site also has a how-to page featuring advice on topics from Sexologist Dr. Carol Queen.


Best Eco-Conscious Selection

19. Bloomi

  • Standout Toys: Massage Clitoral and Body Vibrator ($40), Bloomi Luxe Arousal Oil ($45)
  • Standout Review: “I LOVE [the Massage Clitoral and Body Vibrator] so much. It is soft and super nice. The size is perfect because it’s not to big or too small but just right.”
  • Specs: Massage Clitoral and Body Vibrator: 3 vibration intensities/patterns, USB-rechargeable; Bloomi Luxe Arousal Oil: oil-based, plant-derived ingredients, organic

Sexual wellness can be sustainable, too. Bloomi features plant-based products from toys to lubes to oils and more. While there are only a few toys available on the site (like the best-selling Massage Clitoral and Body Vibrator), the brand is best known for the formulas for its well-crafted arousal oils, lubes and washes.

purple vibrator with attachments

Best Toys with Attachments

20. Zalo USA

  • Standout Toys: Bess 2 Clitoral Massager ($119), Nave Vibrating Nipple Clamps ($109)
  • Standout Review: “Everything feels very luxurious, even the packaging was excellent. As far as the toy, I am really enjoying [the Bess 2]. Vibration: level is nice—not too much, not too little, feels very smooth, lots of settings easy to navigate. Sound: pretty quiet considering it’s vibrating.”
  • Packaging: discreet
  • Specs: Bess 2 Clitoral Massager: multiple head attachments, double tungsten motors, simulates human body temperatures, flexible shaft; Nave Vibrating Nipple Clamps: remote-controlled, app compatible

Customization is the name of the game in today's retail landscape—and that includes adult toys. Zalo's toys come with silicone add-ons to enhance sensation (like the tickling petal attachment that's one of four accessories that come with the Bess 2 Clitoral Massager) and the enhanced fit (such as the two sets of nipple clip covers that come with the Nave Vibrating Nipple Clamps). Add the most glam packaging we've seen in adult products, and the toys turned out in vibrant jewel tones of regal purple, rich teal and sweet pastel pink, and you've got yourself a selection of luxurious sex toys that are still affordable (most of them cost just over $100).

wildflower sex
Wild Flower

Best Flexible Toys

21. Wild Flower

  • Standout Toys: Enby 2 ($75), Romp Wave Flexible Vibrator ($30)
  • Standout Review: “I’ve never experimented with a vibrator and was a little hesitant at first, but omg when I tell you [the Romp Wave Flexible Vibrator] is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made, I mean it. The size and shape make it really easy to use and the different modes are all really good and intriguing.”
  • Specs: Enby 2: 3 speeds/patterns, submersible, magnetic charging, soft flexible silicone; Romp Wave Flexible Vibrator: 6 vibration modes, 4 patterns, waterproof, quiet

We love Wild Flower because of its inclusive, for-everyone products. The brand started with the mission of challenging societal norms when it comes to sex and masturbation and celebrating the differences in everyone's pleasure preferences, innovating toy design to serve people of varying gender identities.We can't wait to add the Enby 2 to our cart ASAP.

stainless steel sex toys

Best Stainless Steel Selection

22. L'Acier

The L'Acier stainless steel collection is part of the Velvet Co. sex toys assortment, which also includes fun novelty Voila (perfect for gag bridal shower gifts) and Thruster brands. We're sold on the unique shapes and tech of the stainless vibrating wand and plug in this collection, which, thanks to their stainless steel exterior, are easily warmed and cleaned, and is compatible with both silicone and water-based lubricants. Finally, kudos to L'Acier for bringing in quality stainless steel products at a more affordable price point than competing brands.

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