Makeup Taking Over Your Bathroom? The Joseph Joseph Viva Organizer Cleared My Unruly Drawer

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Have you ever gone to Sephora for one thing but ended up with a cart full of stuff? Happens to me every time. But then I get home to an already filled-to-the-brim medicine cabinet, and my new products end up in a drawer, never to see the light of day. I needed, as the Home Edit says, “a system”—and after trying the Joseph Joseph Viva large cosmetic organizer (was $45; now $41), I can say I’ve finally found a way to keep everything tidy and ensure all those impulse buys actually get used.

What Is the Joseph Joseph Viva Large Cosmetic Organizer?

Like any good makeup organizer, the Joseph Joseph Viva has several deep and shallow compartments (14 to be exact) for the stuff you regularly grab (i.e. brushes, lipstick and mascara), plus a large, magnetically secured drawer for the bitsy things you want to corral, like nail polish, cotton pads, makeup sponges, etc. It also comes with a two-sided mirror with 3x magnification on the back, which can be securely mounted on the edge of the caddy for getting ready and stored in a back slot when you're not using it.

What sets it apart from other organizers, though, is how much you can fit in it without it taking over your whole vanity. It's 11.8 inches wide and 4.7 inches tall, so it can fit in most under-sink cabinets, drawers and on top of toilet tanks. (Bonus: It's made of sturdy plastic that's easy to wipe clean, and the creamy shell color blends with any decor.)

What I Like About It

Compact size and aesthetics aside, I love how the organizer gets me to use the products I already have—and ensure I don't buy duplicates. (Before, when I stored everything in a drawer, I'd often forget I had a product and wind up buying it again.)

Once I got the Viva, I went straight to my unruly drawer and filled it up with the products I neglected the most, including Peace Out's retinol eye stick, Kosas's Revealer skin-improving foundation with SPF 25 and Rare Beauty's Warm Wishes bronzer stick, to name a few. And found the perfect spot for the caddy right on top of the toilet tank. Now each morning, I see the products and have easy access to them, which has made me use them.

I've been rotating new products in and out of the organizer since October 2022, and I'm already halfway through the stuff in my drawer, so I can start shopping at Sephora again. A win is a win.

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