Kelly Ripa’s New ‘Comedy Game Show’ Ended with an Unexpected Twist

Kelly Ripa is a wife, a mother, an actress, a talk show host and an author. And now, the 51-year-old is venturing into the world of game shows.

Ripa hosts a brand-new ABC series called Generation Gap, which premiered last night at 9/8c. She teased the show with a post on her personal Instagram account, where she offered a preview prior to its premiere. In the video, a voiceover says, “Seniors and juniors compete together in a new comedy game show.” And they jokingly add, “It's all fun and games until Nana drops some knowledge.”

Now that we've seen the first episode of the game show, we understand that each installment ends with a major twist. Toward the end of the show, the winners are offered the chance to add to their winnings with a bonus prize. And last night's champions—75-year-old Marilyn and her grandson Nolan, 14—decided they wanted something in addition to their $24,250. However, the hitch was that this round was called “Toddler's Choice,” and the youngest member of the family got to decide between two prizes.

In the end, 5-year-old Andrew was swayed to choose a Razor scooter over a Kia Niro LXS car, much to the dismay of his older family members. However, the toddler walked away happily with the new scooter.

According to Deadline, Generation Gap “is a comedy quiz show that groups family members of different generations who must work together to answer questions about each other’s generations. The show will feature pop-culture trivia and challenges such as asking an 8-year-old to finish the famous catchphrase, ‘Go ahead. Make my [BLANK].’”

If the title sounds familiar, it’s probably because Jimmy Kimmel (Jimmy Kimmel Live!) and Mark Burnett (Shark Tank, Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?) have been trying to produce it for three years. (Kimmel even featured a “Generation Gap” segment on his talk show.)

We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed for a Mark Consuelos cameo.

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