Here’s Why King Charles Has Two Birthdays

King Charles may have turned 74 back in November, but this weekend, people will be talking about the monarch’s birthday yet again. If you find this confusing, you're not alone, but you should know that this weekend is not his actual date of birth.

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You see, King Charles will now celebrate two birthdays every year because he has officially ascended the throne. Although he was actually born on November 14, the king will also have a celebratory birthday in June. The event is formally known as Trooping the Colour, and this year it will take place on Saturday, June 17.

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It all has to do with the British monarchy, which established the holiday in 1748 as a result of King George II. The patriarch’s birthday just so happened to fall in November (like King Charles), and if you’ve ever visited England during that time, you probably know that the weather is unpredictable.

According to CNN, King George II created the Trooping the Colour celebration, so he could have a second, grander birthday party in the summer. It originated as a standalone event but has since transformed into a full-day affair that Britain and the entire Commonwealth can enjoy.

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Prior to Queen Elizabeth’s passing, the monarch celebrated two birthdays every year since she ascended the throne in 1952. Although she was born on April 21, the queen also partook in this celebratory birthday in June.

Cheers to many more celebrations.

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