Our Place Just Dropped Its First-Ever Kitchen Appliance & It Just Might Be a Cuisinart Oven Killer

Meet the 6-in-1 Wonder oven

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A close up of Our Place's newest limited-edition Wonder Oven.
Our Place

When Our Place speaks, everybody listens. And the reason is simple: The brand’s cookware is unmatched. Why else would we keep buying its coveted Always Pan ($150) in new colors? But here’s why the company has our attention right now. On June 13, Our Place dropped its *first-ever* kitchen appliance, and unsurprisingly, everyone is scrambling to buy it before it sells out. Because rumor has it, the newest Wonder Oven ($195) is giving the popular Cuisinart air fryer toaster oven ($610; $330) a serious run for its money.

Let's jump into how they compare. For starters, the Cuisinart requires A LOT of space (the machine clocks in at 18 by 16 by 15 inches). PureWow's Food Editor, Katherine Gillen, even noted how big it was, although she still managed to fit it onto her counter. (You can read her full review here.) Our Place's stainless steel Wonder Oven, however, is way more compact—it measures 11.6 by 10.6 by 11.5 inches, which makes it the best option for small spaces. And while the Cuisinart has more functions (12, to be exact) to replace your conventional oven altogether, the Our Place has six, which get *all* the jobs done quickly, easily and in style.

What, did you really expect the Wonder Oven not to feature Our Place's signature sleek look in a range of soft colors? Now, for under $200, this functional and photogenic countertop upgrade can be yours. No wonder Instagram users are already calling it the hottest Our Place launch ever.

So you know it's a six-in-one kitchen appliance, but what can you really do with it? With six modes—air fry, bake, roast, toast, reheat and broil—it can go from roasting a 4.5-pound chicken to perfection to baking a small batch of delicious melt-in-your-mouth cookies. The brand also insists that it cooks *up to 30 percent faster* than traditional ovens since it heats to between 200 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit in under 2.5 minutes. Plus, multi-level shelving allows you to cook double the amount of food at a time. (Perhaps mini pigs in a blanket on the top and shrimp on the bottom?)

Other features include an up to 60-minute timer and interior light, so you can keep an eye on your food and know exactly when it's ready.

Our Place

But its steam infusion technology is what really takes the cake, creating hot steam inside the machine which helps lock in moisture to bring out top-notch flavors. In other words, prepare for the fluffiest of breads and the juiciest of steaks.

We're already gathering recipes to try with our new Wonder Oven, which ships by June 20. If you want one, too, you better grab it in one of the four cool colors (steam, blue salt, char and spice) before other buyers beat you to it.

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