8 Trends That Will Dominate Summer 2023

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2023 summer trends: quiet luxury fashion, trips to mykonos, barbie collaborations, like backdrop paint
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It may be too soon to declare the song of summer, or the top blockbuster movie (though we have our money on Barbie), but as Memorial Day approaches, a few surefire trends are emerging. From fashion to beauty to travel, here’s what should be on your radar, according to editors, TikTok super-scrollers and our collective search history (thanks, Google).

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quiet luxury summer edition

1. Quiet Luxury, Poolside Edition

Searches for “quiet luxury” are up 614 percent year over year, according to Google. The term’s skyrocketed in popularity. Maybe it’s a backlash to all the maximalism of the past few years; maybe it’s due to people’s collective obsession with Gwyneth Paltrow’s trial style (who knew that’d be a thing?) or Succession. Probably all three. Either way, the look is as it suggests: modest, well-tailored clothing in sumptuous fabrics—picture silk, wool and linen—and neutral tones, with nary a designer logo in sight. And this summer, we expect to see it take the form of wide-leg linen pants, sleek neutral one-piece swimsuits and plenty of Kendall Roy-inspired square sunglasses.

mykonos greece
Smaranda Angelica/500px/Getty Images

2. Trips to Mykonos—and Kentucky

Airbnb anticipates having more than 300 million stays booked on its platform this year, citing “sun, sights and hikes” as three major draws for summer travelers in particular. So, where are people headed? Internationally, the most-searched city was Mykonos in Greece, known for its whitewashed houses with blue accents, sparkling waters and massive summer dance clubs. Domestically, people are looking a little more inland, with Louisville, KY, earning the most-searched spot. It’s less Lindsay Lohan beach party, more bourbon tastings and horse racing.

summer 2023 trends; barbie and backdrop paint

3. Barbie Collabs

Last summer, Barbiecore took over the world. This year, the doll—both plastic and the Margot Robbie version—will be everywhere you look ahead of Greta Gerwig’s movie (out July 21, BTW). If quiet luxury feels boring to you, keep an eye out for the Barbie x Gap collection, which drops May 23, with clothes for the whole family, so you can live out your Barbara Millicent Roberts fantasies while forcing your spouse to play Ken. The dream! And as if that weren’t enough, you can now paint your home to match Barb’s Dreamhouse, courtesy of its Backdrop Paint collab, while sipping Barbie-branded pink lemonade.

mini wedding dress trend

4. Mini Wedding Dresses

Forget ballooning ballgowns—after Sofia Richie debuted a fitted white Chanel minidress at her wedding after-party, searches for “mini bridal dress” shot through the roof—up 423 percent, according to fashion brand Karen Millen. Reception outfit changes are nothing new, but this take is a specific, summery look: sleek lines, minimal lace or ornamentation and short hemlines to show off your legs. (Psst: The look above is from Anthropologie, in case you're curious.)

summer trends: upside-down tart
istetiana/getty images

5. Upside-Down Puff Pastries

Sweet or savory, this creative twist on puff pastry snacks is taking over TikTok. Essentially, you put your toppings on a parchment-lined baking sheet, cover each with a square of puff pastry dough, brush with egg wash and bake until golden. Even if you don’t make ‘em—and let’s be honest: How often do you make the recipes you double-tap in your feed?—the vids are oddly satisfying to watch, and we’re betting the confections will start turning up in bakeries nationwide, come June.


6. Color-Changing…Everything

From L.O.L. Surprise OMG Sunshine Makeover Dolls to Jet-Puffed Marshmallows to Beyoncé’s prismatic Renaissance tour dress, color-change reveals are the latest surprise-and-delight showstopper to pop up this summer. While you may not be able to copy Bey’s look per se, brands are coming out with color-changing dresses—and like the L.O.L. Dolls, they transform when they hit the sunlight, making them the hit of any cookout or pool party.

Just imagine the looks on kids’ faces when you bust out those pink-to-orange and blue-to-green marshmallows while roasting s’mores.

Article bean bag lounger

7. Outdoor Bean Bag Chairs

When cookbook author, actress and influencer Tabitha Brown was designing her outdoor collection for Target (which launched this May), she took inspiration from everywhere—and soon noticed people taking a more casual approach to their cookouts this year. Indeed, she noted that floor pillows and outdoor bean bag chairs with weatherproof fabrics were starting to replace Adirondacks and folding chairs, and we’re betting that, this summer, this trend isn’t just for furniture designers. After all, it sure sounds a lot comfier.

summer trends: sunscreen oil
Vacation Inc.

8. Sunscreen Oils

Tanning oils were a must-have for years for the way they made your skin glisten in the sun (and helped enhance your tan). The threat of skin cancer, however, wasn’t so appealing. The latest sunscreens have an oil base, giving you that same dewiness—and sparing you that white residue of traditional lotions—while coating you in SPF 30. (Vacation’s new launch, in fact, cheekily nods to our baby oil-slathering years, from its bubbly bottle shape to its powdery scent.)