What’s New at Trader Joe’s in June? Breaded Cheddar Cheese Curds, Tomato-Burrata Ravioloni and More

Trader Joe never disappoints with his innovative snacks, crowd-pleasing appetizers, comforting mains and drool-worthy desserts, no matter the season. But we feel his creations shine brightest in the summertime, each of them designed for sharing with friends in the yard. Read on for ten of our favorite new products to shop right now, from gluten-free strawberry muffins to shrimp boom bah.

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1. Shrimp Boom Bah

Bang bang who? This heat-and-eat delight is guaranteed to become your new go-to. The shelled, tail-off shrimp are impeccably crispy, thanks to a savory seasoned batter. The sweet-and-spicy sauce they come with is just a bonus. Use them in lettuce wraps and rice bowls or nosh on them solo.

2. Breaded Cheddar Cheese Curds

Get in, we're going to Wisconsin. Well, not really, but these squeaky curds are made with unaged cheddar sourced from the Badger State. Their texture is very similar to fried halloumi or bread cheese. Dunk 'em in ranch dressing and wash them down with your favorite summer beer.

3. Organic Mafalda Corta Pasta

Manfredine, reginette, mafalda corta—no matter what you call this pasta shape that resembles miniature lasagna noodles, it's sure to make dinner a breeze. Slather the tender-yet-toothsome pasta with TJ's sauce, use it in a seasonal pasta salad or toss it in olive oil and Parm and call it a night.

4. Mini (Almost) Everything Bagel Sandwich Crackers

Joe never runs out of ways to repurpose his wildly popular everything bagel seasoning. Here, it's baked into teeny-tiny crackers, which are sandwiched with cream cheese filling for a bagel-like flavor. Pack them for every road trip, campout and picnic you attend this summer.

5. Gluten-Free Battered Plant-Based Fish Fillets

Staunch pescatarians will be shocked that these fish fillets are...well, fishless. They're made with a mix of king oyster mushrooms and jackfruit instead, resulting in an uncanny flaky texture. Fish tacos at your place? (We'll bring the margaritas.)

6. Italian Tomato & Burrata Ravioloni

One thing about Trader Joe is that he *never* runs out of exciting ideas for new ravioli. The latest addition to the roster is this super-size ravioloni that's stuffed with creamy burrata, mozzarella and a trio of crushed, roasted and dried tomatoes. (Go ahead and crown your bowl with fresh summer tomatoes, too.)

7. Mee Krob Snackers

This dangerously poppable treat is inspired by mee krob (also spelled mi krop), a Thai dish of fried rice noodles tossed in an aromatic sweet-and-sour sauce. This take is made similarly to the O.G.: Rice noodles are deep fried, seasoned and layered with a tamarind-vinegar chili sauce. Might we suggest using the bites as croutons on soup and salad?

8. Salted Caramel + Pistachio Scented Candle

We know, it's not edible—so consider this vibrant candle, made from all-natural soy wax, a snack for your nose. Its scent is based on the store's cult-favorite Brazil nut body butter, which is famous for its beachy, salty-sweet fragrance.

9. Gluten-Free Strawberry Muffins

Come summer, we scarf down as many in-season strawberries as possible. These gluten-free muffins, made with a blend of white and brown rice flours, potato starch and tapioca starch instead of AP flour, are no exception. The batter includes buttermilk and sour cream, so the muffins are equal parts tangy and moist.

10. Milk Chocolate Bar with Corn Flakes

It's crafted by the same Belgian supplier that makes TJ's Pound Plus Chocolate Bars, so you know it's next-level indulgent. The lightly salted corn flakes reportedly make for an even crispier bite than puffed rice. Cool if we have it for breakfast in place of cereal?

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