10 Food Trends That Everyone Will Be Buzzing About in 2023, According to Whole Foods

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Any idea what you’ll be eating for breakfast next February? Or how you’ll be quenching your thirst next July? Didn’t think so. Heck, we’re not even sure what we’re having for dinner tonight. Well, the experts of Whole Foods Market’s Trends Council have a pretty good idea what you (and the rest of the world) will be munching on come 2023. Here’s the chain’s eighth annual Top 10 Food Trends list—along with our favorite ways to taste the trends yourself.

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whole foods market trends 2023 New Brew Yaupon
Whole Foods Market

1. Yaupon-Based Drinks

Yaupon is the new hibiscus in the tea world. It's North America's only known native caffeinated plant, and Indigenous communities once brewed it into herbal teas for purification rituals. Now, its mild, earthy flavor is being spotlighted by tea purveyors and mixologists alike.

Taste the trend: Greenbelt Yaupon Kombucha

whole foods market trends 2023 Pulp with Purpose
Whole Foods Market

2. Repurposing Pulp

The nondairy milk craze has resulted in a ton of by-product waste. Now, brands are looking to use leftover nut and oat pulp, creating everything from alternative flours to baked goods with the stuff.

Taste the trend: Renewal Mill Oat Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

whole foods market trends 2023 Produce Meets Pasta
Whole Foods Market

3. Unexpected Produce-Based Pastas

Chickpea pasta, cauli gnocchi, zoodles—been there, done that. Make way for a new crop of plant-based pastas made with spaghetti squash, hearts of palm, green bananas, cassava and everything in between.

Taste the trend: Solely Organic Spaghetti Squash Pasta

whole foods market trends 2023 The Great Date
Whole Foods Market

4. The Great Date

We like to think we sniffed this trend out ahead of the curve (looking at you, silan date syrup). Dates, lovingly called "nature's candy" nowadays, are making their way into ketchup, overnight oats, hot sauces, lattes and so much more.

Taste the trend: Just Date Organic Date Syrup

whole foods market trends 2023 A Poultry Revolution
Whole Foods Market

5. A Higher Standard for Poultry

Despite inflation, more and more consumers are willing to spend a few extra bucks for quality eggs and meat. Brands and nonprofits are also trying to improve chickens' quality of life in the process, implementing better-than-cage-free standards that put a premium on outdoor time.

Taste the trend: Vital Farms Organic Restorative Eggs

whole foods market trends 2023 Help from Kelp
Whole Foods Market

6. Kelp-Infused Snacks & Ingredients

Kelp farming is on the rise and it's no surprise, considering that kelp absorbs carbon in the atmosphere (which is great for the climate) and grows quickly without freshwater or additional nutrients. It's also versatile, and Whole Foods' selection of snacks, noodles, broths and other products proves it.

Taste the trend: Sea Tangle Kelp Noodles

whole foods market trends 2023 Climate Conscious Callouts
Whole Foods Market

7. Climate-Conscious Callouts

It's common to find products that list their sustainability efforts and commitment to climate consciousness on their labels. From crackers and snacks to milk and wine, there's no shortage of environmentally-friendly products to shop as of late.

Taste the trend: Field Roast Vegan Fruffalo Buffalo-Style Wings

whole foods market trends 2023 Retro Remix
Whole Foods Market

8. Retro Remix

Nothing sells like nostalgia. In fact, 73 percent of U.S. consumers enjoy things that remind them of their past, according to Mintel Global Consumer Research. Think boxed mac and cheese, pizza bites, healthier twists on your favorite childhood cereals and more.

Taste the trend: Goodles Shella Good Aged White Cheddar and Shells Pasta

whole foods market trends 2023 Only the Finest for Fido
Whole Foods Market

9. Higher-Quality Pet Food

Even your dog can get in on 2023's most delicious food trends, thanks to better-for-them supplements and pet foods hitting shelves all over the country. (P.S.: Some of them are even cat-friendly.)

Taste the trend: OSSO GOOD Organic Beef Pet Bone Broth

whole foods market trends 2023 Avocado Oil Craze
Whole Foods Market

10. Using Avocado Oil in Everything

Whole Foods has sold avocado oil for years, but the healthy pantry staple has finally gone mainstream, thanks to its high oleic fatty acid content and high smoke point. Cook with it, or find it in snacks, mayos, dressings and ready-to-eat meals.

Taste the trend: Siete Grain-Free Lime Tortilla Chips

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