This Mouthwash Provides Your Daily Dose of Probiotics—and Tastes Amazing

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Oral health is no joke. You probably already know that your mouth (and everyone else's) is full of icky bacteria from eating, drinking, kissing and a whole host of other things. But that's what mouthwash is for: It helps to reduce the amount of germs in your mouth, which minimizes your chances of getting gingivitis, gum diseases, cavities, built-up plaque, etc. What's more, it's a quick, temporary fix for bad breath. Taking things a step further, a probiotic mouthwash serves an even greater purpose. This brings me to the Riven Rinse probiotic mouthwash: a non-toxic formula that's meant to support your oral microbiome.

What Are Probiotics, Exactly?

Probiotics are naturally occurring microbes—live bacteria and yeasts—that live in your gut, mouth, skin, lungs and more. But don't confuse them with the same germs that cause diseases. These are actually considered "good" bacteria, as they help keep your gut in tip-top shape. But sometimes, they become outnumbered by bad bacteria, which can result in conditions such as heartburn, constipation and diarrhea. This is especially true when you have a poor diet or take antibiotics. But don't worry; there's a fix. “Probiotic supplements help restore this balance and support the good bacteria in the gut that keep the GI tract healthy,” pediatrician and surgeon Jacqueline Jones, M.D., told PureWow in April 2020.

What Is the Riven Rinse Probiotic Mouthwash?

Riven is essentially a mouthwash that does for your mouth what a probiotic supplement does for your gut, keeping things working the way they should. It has zero burn and zero alcohol, plus a non-toxic blend of antioxidants, prebiotics (dietary fibers that feed the friendly bacteria in your gut) and probiotics (aka lactobacillus reuteri and lactobacillus paracasei, two of the most common types) to reportedly promote everything from healthy gums to fresher breath. In fact, a 2015 study published in the Journal of International Society of Preventative and Community Dentistry found that probiotic mouthwash was an effective oral hygiene regimen on par with chlorhexidine and sodium fluoride mouthwashes, plus, it has the added benefit of increasing good bacteria over time to support better oral health.


How Often Should You Use It?

Each 12-ounce bottle should last up to six months, according to the company (and if you don't use it all by then, you should replace it). It works just like any old mouthwash: Shake it up, swish a good amount of it in your mouth for one minute and spit it out. Riven recommends that you do this twice a day for the best results. Over time, you should expect stronger chompers and tissue and less inflammation, if that's a concern.

What I Like About It

This is probably the sleekest mouthwash I've ever owned. It comes in a fancy glass bottle that's also compostable, recyclable and plastic-free. Not to mention the fact that it doesn't taste like typical mouthwash: This one's got a subtly sweet vibe with a hint of bubblegum mint. It won't give you that usual burst of minty-freshness you'll get from other mouthwashes, but will leave your mouth feeling more rejuvenated almost instantly. It's definitely a nice switch from harsher options that don't really seem like they're doing more than reducing bad breath.

The top of the bottle doesn't double as a cup, however, so you'll have to take a shot from a glass or from the bottle itself. (I ended up taking it from the bottle to not have the extra step, and it worked fine.) After finishing the bottle in nearly six months, I must say I've noticed less plaque build-up and stronger gums (mine used to bleed on occasion while brushing, but I haven't noticed it as much since).

Needless to say, it's my new favorite way to get my daily dose of probiotics to strengthen my teeth and build a more resilient ecosystem.

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